How do you ask a boy what he thinks of you/ if/when he wants to date you?

ill try and give some backstory to make it easier to understand. I dated this guy for about a year, before he broke up with me. I've been having a really difficult time getting over him, and shortly after the breakup he requested that we stop talking for a while. Just recently he began speaking to me again and we've "hungout" a few times too. He said he missed me and asked if i would ever consider being with him again sometime in the future. I would love to get back together with him, and even more recently it keeps seeming more and more likely that he wants to too. We've been flirting a lot and his friend mentioned that he still liked me but i don't want to start pestering him by asking questions or seeming needy. I've been trying to think of a question that would get him to ask me out again or figure ot where he wants to go with this with out just asking something like "are we going to date again?" or "will you be my boyfriend?" or "How do you feel about me?". He's said he wants another chance to be with me and this year he's going to a different school so i dont have much time to figure it out but i can't think of any question that subtley implies what i'd like and ask what he's thinking without being probey and annoyinggg. please helpppp


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