How do I get a boy interested?

Hey ;)

I know this sounds desperate but I really want a boyfriend, I am in my opinion (don't judge) pretty, but chubby... boys in my school are generally Eurgh or popular... if you are an average girl like me the populars won't even look at you... I know a boy has a crush on me, he is a friend but I am not really interested, I was thinking about giving him a chance but I would be bullied if I date him...

I have a crush on an average boy but I don't know how to approach him :(
any help?


I have dated him before he became an 'average' .. and even then I got bullied.. Yes i might be shallow but everyone is!


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  • just start talking to him as friends first. that's the easiest way to make your approach. then add in the flirty stuff later when you feel more comfortable and find out what you really want.

  • Why do you think you would get bullied if you date him? A little shallow don't you think?


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