How do I get him to ask me to be his girlfriend?

Ignore my last question ;)

I know that someone has a crush on me, and I want him to ask me out but I think he is too shy.. Is there something I can do so that he knows that I want him to ask me? is there a signal I can give without being direct.. I don't like being in control... :)


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  • Personally I would find an indirect approach irritating, but I'll attempt to be constructive.

    Create opportunities for him to be alone with you. Invite him to join you in a collaborative craft or building project, or in an interesting adventure like urban exploration - the particular activity depends on your interests. The goal is to break the difficulty of making the first approach and getting to you alone. If watching a movie (in private, don't go out), be cuddly - something beautiful but not too artsy is best for the film, like some martial arts movies (Hero, or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - but preferably Hero) or a Studio Ghibli film (Princess Mononoke gives a nice touch of action to keep a male interested). A good way to initiate a cuddle is by massaging hands - just ask for his hand and start doing it, slow like pushing mounds of wet sand.


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  • You can ask him out. If he is shy, that helps out a ton. I mean, there is no rule that a guy must ask a girl out. You can do that too. Maybe you don't like to be in control, but I am sure you would be able to for just 20 seconds. You truly should ask him out though, it saves a lot of time trying to figure out how to get him to ask you out aswell.

    • Thanks :) but how would I word it? I have never asked someone out before... Just plain 'will you go out with me?' Or... :)

    • Start off with a little conversation, smile a lot and ask something like Would you like to go out with me sometime? *smiling* Near the end.

      That should work.

    • And if you've gone out somewhere too the animal zoo or anything else and it's been fun, you could ask him to be your boyfriend at the right time. I wouldn't rush it though.

  • Please just ask him out. It will make both your lives so much easier, trust me. You will not regret it. However, you could just drop some obvious signs you like him, like touching his arm when you guys talk and stuff.

  • Or you just ask?


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