Met him at summer work and started to like him, didn't see that coming: what do you think of it?

I met a guy at a my summer job a few weeks ago: we are both 22 and we get along well... but i'm stuck in a confusing situation i'm gonna try to expose here.
So we work in the same service in that firm and spend a lot of time together every day, quite logically. He is galant, a genuine guy it seems, he walks me every evening to my bus stop, sometimes he even makes a detour and takes it with me to keep talking. He knows the area better than me so he also shows me around and we have lunch together very often. He's had flirty gestures (putting his hand on my lower back a fex times, when he hugs me goodbye i feel like he lingers a bit, the gesture seems a bit tender, he has soft eyes, he almost whispers "see you tomorrow", once or twice he even softly kissed my cheek), he compliments me sometimes and he seems caring (the other day he went ou without telling t to buy me coffee as i was tired) etc. We get along well, talk a lot, including about relationships, he never mentionned a girlfriend... but on Friday night as we were leaving work and walking as usual, i asked him what he was gonna do that Friday night. At first he said he was gonna meet with some friends, but after walking a few more minutes, he confessed to me that he actually had an appointment with his gf to dump her cause he he didn't love her anymore and it was hightime he did that. I was shocked, I didn't see it coming, he talked to me about his family, nearly all his best friends, he never mentionned her. They've been together 2 years apparently. But still, before meeting her he spent 2 hours with me, he always "walks me around" for hours, I feel like he cares about me.
But what should I think of that? Didn't dare asking about it today, but he still flirts and has the soft eyes when saying bye.


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  • I think it is rude. I mean he was flirting with you while dating another girl. But if you still like him, wait until he dumps her and then pursue him.

    I just feel like you should at least dump someone before flirting with someone new.

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