Texting misundestood?

I was texting my sister about this guy I like but never hear from him much in past few weeks and used to every day. but text got sent to him on accident but it was about how I thought he had a girlfriend of something. I meant to send it to my sister for opinion. He wrote back," I work 3 jobs and am with my kids" then I apologized and he said " It is all good". Not sure what this means. He also said " Don't let this bother you" I feel like an idiot and he is such a great guy and now worried he will think I am a "Nutjob"


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  • It's ok, he didn't take it the wrong way. But are you dating the guy?

    • Gosh, great question. We have been talking for 2 months. gone out to see the sunset and dinner just a couple times. But we were talking every day up to 3 weeks ago and then I found out he has 3 jobs and said that this is why i haven't heard from him. I am not sure what you call it

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