I am 24, smart, athletic, kind, down to earth, and from comments of both genders told as beautiful... why do you think I have never had a boyfriend?

I am 24 and must admit that I have never really been one to be in a relationship, but a man has never really tried to be in a relationship with me. I have my share of small romances, but they always end before anything serious.

I do think I could make an awesome girlfriend, alone with my personality, and personally I am easy looking on the eyes... however I am beginning to think I am blinded by some attribute that I am pushing away guys. What do you think?


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  • Do you have lots of friends and hang out with lots of people all the time?

    • Yes! I do have many friends! I am definitely social:) I would say a large majority of my friends are girls too.

    • I find girls that are constantly out in large groups of people or constantly around other people harder to approach.

    • Neat advice! Thank you!

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  • If it makes you feel better I'm 26 and never had a girlfriend

  • without knowing you personally there's no way of knowing any specific issues that may be keeping you single.

    ultimately it all boils down to looks and personality. chances are there's an issue in one of those areas.

    • Mmh, I understand your point. It's hard to answer this question without knowing me... I think I am mostly the "problem" I tend to put a wall up in front of men. I have been told by both men and women that I am the guy everyone wants... yet ironically nada...

    • Correction***girl every guy wants... hahaha I mama not the guy everyone wants.

    • Sigh... autocorrect is shaming me... am- not mama

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  • I've felt the same and I was always told "Men find you intimidating". I don't know if it's true or just that I never met the right guy cus I don't want to settle. I find most of the men who approach me are in relationships. Sometimes being attractive and having it all isn't everything, in fact it's too much and most people can't deal with it.