He's not texting me any more?

I've been seeing a guy for a couple weeks and he showed some very good signs of interest.

He would be considerate of my diet when we went to eat, helped me with any problems I had, showed interest in calling me, referred to us as a couple and me as his gf, always making sure I had enough to eat, liking to pay for me, etc.

He seemed to really like my company and talking to me, that's for sure.

He did say some questionable things though- like wanting to push off commitment. He also didn't do anything for my birthday.

Now I moved about an hour away from him and we aren't near each other. For some reason he isn't really texting me as much or showing as much interest in calling me.

I speculate that he may have lost interest and doesn't desire to put in effort because nothing physical can happen. I'm not certain though.

What should I do here? Should I just stop trying to talk to him and see what he does? I want to see if he is actually interest in me still.

Any advice? I don't want to waste my time.


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  • Stop talking to him. He has not put in an effort for your birthday? WHAT? Thats major to me.
    He needs to put more effort into it to be with you.

    You should raise the standard and not waste your time with someone that just wants to have fun and not commit or offer anything substantial.

    • Yeah I found that odd too. He just gave me a text and 15 minute phone call.

      I'm not talking to him until he steps it up a huge number of notches.

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