New man? LDR! He works 12hours/day-he keeps telling me he wants to get to know me but we only talk for 15minutes/day. He flew 2 C me... WTD?

We met, we connct, we really like each other. His job has crazy hours. he calls or text me on his lunch break. he gets frustrated with his situation and $. He tells me he wants to get to know me but his 12 hour shift complicates things. He wants to move out here. We really vibe. But I feel as if I bother him if I text him bcz I know he's at work. I thnk about him all the time. he's a good person. but I don't know what else to do. he can't get to know me if our conversations are less than 15 minutes :/


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  • Take a vacation
    stay AT his home/apt
    Wait for his breaks and take/learn what you can
    then go home and ponder...
    > if he's worthy
    > how to get more time w/him, now intimate with his schedule and times available
    > what his friends are like, if they will report any worthwhile news, if they will promote you to him

    If all good, then find a job near him and move!


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