What girl can do wrong that you are not interested her anymore?

So, if you are been seeing a girl for a month and having a great time together. What girl can do that you aren't interested her anymore? What do you do then, do you stop just keeping touch with her saying anything or do you tell her why you don't want to hang out with her anymore?


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  • Hmm.. there can be many logical reasons.. are many illogical ones. I'll state the reasons for which I would do the same:-
    1) Girl is very closed/shy. If it's very difficult to have a nice talk with her, i will not put anymore efforts.
    2) She's always talking about her exes..
    3) She brags about her financial status and ridicules our profession/pay
    4) She's dumb.. only looks but no personality
    5) She brags about other guys asking her out
    etc etc

    • Thank you for a nice list! I would like to ask you one more thing that would you lose interest on a girl if she is popular (many guys have crush on her)? But she is still now time with you :)

    • see, we know exactly how many guys have a crush on you. Our list is more accurate than yours :p
      But, as long as you are not boasting about it.. we dont care.

    • Haha, thanks good to know that :D

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