Listen up guys! This is fucked up.

ok so i just broke up with my girlfriend of 6 months 2 days ago. She was a 'fake shy girl ' well she was fake about everything. She absolutely dissappeared from life, wouldn't even be able to find her and confront her if i tried. I absolutely loved her !

She lied about her name, im pretty sure she has several phone numbers , she also had 3 boyfriends.. not including me. It's like she has a different personality for each and we were all played !

I feel like a dumb ass dude ! I actually thought she was the one.. i felt fishy when she said she always avoided the convo of meeting the family , didn't use social media but i just though as she was a "shy girl "she didn't like communicating with people !

has this ever happened to you?
have you ever found this person

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If you say yes please tell me how you found them if you did... Seriously thinking of hiring a private detective or some shit


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  • Wow so 4 guys at the same time :O
    How did you find out?

    • She accidently sent us all text at once. Then I got to meet them all since I thought they were hitting her up ,,, turns out she was the party /crazy girl for one guy , the shy / virgin girl to me , the smart girl to another and the gamer type of girl /anime to another... she's a scary girl... Just wish I could confront her

    • She is a scary girl. How can someone keep all those personalities at once and date that many guys at once !
      Dont bother about her ! You shouldn't waste your money on a private detective.. You'll bump into her one day maybe be with a new girl who knows. I know you must still feel the attatchment and all but she was lying about everything to you , its not real they way she put herself out to you keep that in mind

    • I really hope i could bump into her and ruin her life >:(

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