What pick-up artist books should I start reading to better my dating game?

So far I have been reading David Wygant's book Naked and it has been consistent with what my therapist and I have been discussing about being genuine with myself to attract women. What other books would you ladies and gents recommend?

I have never had a girlfriend and I'm 27 and right now I'm trying to get my act together to better attract women, connect with them, and be less fearful of them when I see them at Salsa clubs, at dance studios, and the gym.


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  • Reading a book won't do shit for you.

    YOU actually have to get off your ass and do something. Now, if you read the book and follow its instructions (which will, I promise, involve you getting off your ass and doing something, like talking to girls and asking them out) then one book is probably as good as another, and no less good than this website in fact.

    There's no magic formula to follow, and no amount of reading is going to change things. You have to do the work, and that means get off your ass and talk to girls.

    If I had to recommend one, the Tao of badass comes recommended.


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  • Forget books/therapists/internet- One guy was on point below...

    So here is what you do, starting today till end of this week, you have to complete the following list-

    1-Get 50 phone numbers of girls between age of 21-40
    2-Kiss 25 girls on the cheek
    3-Hug 25 girls
    4-Makeout with 10 girls
    5-Pick a song or write a poem, stand in the middle of the busiest street in your town, and sing it

    You do these 5 and you will never ever have a problem getting laid or getting girls period.

  • I wouldn't call him a pick up artist but Models by Mark Manson is a great book. Probably the best one I've read on the subject.

  • Just for fun; Neill Strauss The Game. Its an amazing story about his adventure trying to better with girls. They even have movie rights out to that story.

  • The Game is a great read. One of the things you'll see a lot very quickly is that it isn't so much about reading a ton and learning about attraction, so much as it's about PRACTICING! You've got to get out into the field and practice!