Ethnicity Dating Problems…please help?

I'm a 22 year old Filipino dude born and raised in Miami. It's been hard throughout my life to even get a date although I'm making very slow progress. I've only been on 4 dates. It's a very materialistic city full of gorgeous Hispanic women that are a little out of my league and I tend to go for those girls lol. I prefer Hispanic women but I get nervous on what they might think about an interracial relationship even though I can pass as Hispanic looking. Women have many options here as well and tend to choose someone else over me. I'm decent looking and workout a lot. I've had some success but most of the time I fail and have to start again. Recently, I've showed clear interest in a couple girls and they all went on to choose a different man and it was very discouraging. It's mentally and sexually frustrating. My friends are all white. I like country, classic rock, football, basketball, drinking, smoking, and dive bars instead of clubs. I'm working with a min wage salary while I'm going to nursing school and honestly I DO want a relationship because I've never really been in a serious one. How should I change my approach? Any advice would be cool.

  • You're aiming too high, lower your standards.
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  • It will all play out soon.
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  • You need more money.
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  • Man up and just keep asking girls out even if you get rejected.
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  • You need to move to a different city and expand your horizons haha. "It's a very materialistic city full of gorgeous Hispanic women..." doesn't sound all that appealing.


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  • Well clearly some Hispanic chicks are picky believe me I should know. I'm sure you'll find one that takes interest in you maybe you're trying to hard.

  • D and A - if you don't think you're attractive enough for those girls... I doubt they'd think you are. So... maybe lower your standards. OR just keep trying. I bet there's ad least one girl there that would love to be with you.

  • Hey... I'm pregnant with your baby!


    A filipina chick!


What Guys Said 1

  • The most vain immoral POS town I ever saw. You are not going to find love in Miami. I never met one faithful person in Miami, not one. Not male or female. Get money or get out. It's really that simple.

    • Trust me bro, I've thought about it but I'm stuck here. I love it and hate it.

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