Is it wrong that I feel hurt because the guy im dating hung out with his female friend and didn't have time to hangout with me?

I'm dating a great guy i really like. We've been on about 9 dates. Last week he said he can't hangout on the weekend cause he's working late. But he can hangout with me on Wed night after work and he ends work at 11! I said i cant. Then i find out he had time on the weekend , on saturday, to hangout with his female friend ALL DAY. They spent the whole day together! she's not even that close of a friend, she's more of a friends with benefits i think. Is it wrong that I'm really upset? :(((((He has time to hangout with her, but not with me...


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  • It's perfectly understandable to be upset. Typically the whole point of dating someone is to spend more time with them and get to know them more. The situation sounds a little strange considering he told you one thing but clearly was able to have free time on the weekend. But I wouldn't judge too hastily, if he respects and appreciates you then you should ask him about it, and explain the situation. If he's understanding with a reasonable explanation then its all good, if not then he really isn't worth the time.


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