Why would a guy still hang around after he had checked me out, and had stopped texting or calling for two weeks now... is he still interested in me?

After the first dinner date, he stopped texting or calling... We belong to the same community, so its very likely that we run into each other... and he still asks me for a dance everytime we see each other... and lately, he's just popping up whenever I'm engaged talking with a guy... and I'm confused of his behavior:-/
Guys, what do you think he wants from me?

It's awkward between us now... Im avoiding eye contact with him @ the dance floor... I feel like he has a new girl, or had another interest on a couple women, from the beginning.


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  • Did you call or text him after this first date or you were just waiting for him to text you >?

    • I texted him that night to thanked him for the dinner... and we met the next day ( night) @ the dance and he gave me a ride back home...
      On the first date night, he asked for a kiss, but I told him that I was confused about the whole thing, coz I thought we were just " hanging out" as dance friends, and gave him a hug instead

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    • how is he being patient if he asked you for a kiss and you shot him down. He's just adjusting I think. And after that next day did you text him again or just wait for him to text you. I need the entire story to make a proper conclusion of his thoughts. Though every guy is different. He might just been holding back waiting for you to give him the green light. That's why he interrupts when you're talking to other guys. It's like telling the other guy to back off without actually saying it !

    • Exactly my thought, it felt more of " I can't wait, baboo!" attitude than anything else... but if thats the case, why waste his time to even care who else I hang out with?
      I saw him watching over me when I was waiting for my cab from the dance last Tues... then left when I looked back, not right away, but he left... Oh by the way, the other Saturday, @ a birthday party by the Lake, that was after a week that we went out for dinner, he almost ignored me, like we didn't have a candid chat over dinner, and had a nice walk over the neighborhood, talking about what kind of house I would like to have, and what does he want in a house... him complementing of how nice the Antiques in my work place, and that his Mom and I would have a lot to talk about because of that. It was a complete " coldness":-/ ... his attention were on other younger women in their bikinis, I mean younger, as in half his age... and all of a sudden he asked me to dance, once ( twas a good dance and playful, though).

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