Gyus, what topics do you find interesting on a first date? How do you describe a good date?

So i will have few dates this week, and i was wondering about what to come up with to make it good. :) Thank you in advance for the answers.


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  • How about something that requires no money, or not much. A walk at a park, then sit down on a bench and talk for a long while? Why not something simple?

    • i enjoy the simple things, so i like dates like that. :) But i'm interested in the topics a guy would be interested in to talk about because i'm more introverted type and i don't want to sit there quietly :)

    • Oh ok, how about politics, LOL! I'm sort of joking and sort of not. This is another reason why I want a girl who holds all my beliefs. Talking about subjects like politics can make people really rant on things.

      You could talk about each others lives from the past or could talk about what you want to do in the future, how many kids you want, what type of house you want to live in, assuming your not already.

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  • Ask questions about himself

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