Is it wrong that I feel upset because the guy im dating hung out with his female friend and didn't have time to hangout with me?

I'm dating a guy i really like. We've been on about 9 dates. Last week he said he can't hangout on the weekend cause he's working late. But he can hangout with me on Wed night after work and he ends work at 11! I said i cant. Then i find out he had time on the weekend , on saturday, to hangout with his female friend ALL DAY. They spent the whole day together! she's not even that close of a friend, she's more of a friends with benefits i think. Is it wrong that I'm really upset? :(((((He has time to hangout with her, but not with me...


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  • I think there are alof of red flags here. FIrst off he's not spending weekends with you- Im assuming he hasn't done it at all? Secondly, he wants to "hang out" at 11 at night? Thirdly, he's spending weekends hanging with a girl you think is his FWB?
    Im sort of confused because first you said youve been on 9 dates with him- I think there's a difference between dates and hanging out.
    Or is he just a friend that you casually get with?
    Either way Id be cautious.


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  • Are you two having sex? Why do you assume she is an FWB?

    And when did you previous dates happen in the day? What did you actually do on the dates?

    • Yes we are. I assume because he usually tells me about his day and this time he didn't tell me he was hanging out with a female friend, i found out myself. The last time i saw him in the day was about 2 weeks ago, for a few hours, not even half of the day:(we went to the movies and thats it.

    • He doesn't sound like he wants a relationship with you. Move on, or accept not being the only one. Maybe he will later, but right now he definitely doesn't

  • "she's more of a friends with benefits i think. Is it wrong that I'm really upset?" Wait, do you think they're at it?

    Would you mind spending the day with a guy friend instead of you? (I mean it could just be a platonic friendship couldn't it?)


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  • No your right to be upset he lied to you... is he your boyfriend

    • he's not my bf, we didn't make anything official yet. But we talk everyday.

    • He doesn't want a relationship