Why is he always talking about the future?

We have lots of history over the last 4 years. we dated a few times, hooked up, had sex, been friends. but everytime he sees me he is always super flirty. he also gets a little jealous when other guys text me. we are currently not anythhing. he's only tried to kiss me when he's drunk recently. he told me a year ago he likes me and always has. he also told me he plans to marry me. he brought it up again later too. he always asks me love me or do you love me and when i ignore it he then brushes it off as a joke. recently since I've seen him the last few times, i told him i want to move to boston and he keeps saying he would go there too with me. is he serious about his feelings? why won't he try anything sobber or make a bigger effort. he is a little shy but in the past had no problems making first moves

does he love me?


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  • He's no where near "shy" if he could have sex with you. Heck, I'm shy and I would back away when a girl got close to me in the past. Anyways, maybe he wants to get back with you. Maybe he doesn't act more serious to you because you're not more serious to him. Next time he tells you he loves you, why dont you play along and then give a kiss or something.

    • or maybe he is acting serious to you and you're just not seeing it.

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  • you know sometimes the truth comes from the mouth of drunk people... and kids

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