Do I have a chance and a step two?

I met a girl at the start of the year at varsity and decided at once I liked her a lot. At the time though, she said she was dating a guy and, wimpish as I was, I accepted it at that.
Now however I've decided to do away with that attitude and decided to give it another go.
Today I gave her some flowers, and nice ones they were too!, and she seemed quite pleased about them.
I spoke to one of my friends a bit later and told her about it, and she told me that when she spoke to this girl, she was just telling her about this guy who she likes and regards them as official, although they aren't.
She did tell this to me, but I didn't think that much of it, until today.

Should I take this further and go into the second phase or leave it? And if yes, what should I do next?


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  • Guess you have to tell her that you want her to break up with the other guy


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