How to show him I'd be keen on hanging out with him and getting to know him better?

I met this guy in one of my classes at university a week ago. We've become acquaintances, we sit together in one of our lectures...but other than that we don't hang out (or don't really have a reason to hang out).

How can I show him that I'd like to hang out with him and that I'd say yes if he were to ask me on a date...or even just to hang out?


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  • It's really simple, in my opinion.

    Why don't you simply say "hey wanna go get some coffee"


    "hey ha I'm thirsty. Wanna walk with me and get a drink?

    a very casual invitation is all you need to start hanging out.

    if you have a good time (and he does too) and you laugh and talk

    then say "wow this was fun I can't believe we haven't done this before..."

    let him reply with his feelings. if he says yeah and lets do it again. you are all set.

    but if he says yeah with no enthusiasm then you may want to look at the situation deeper.

    hope that helps!


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  • After the lecture ends ask him if he wants to get lunch or a coffee, whatever is most appropriate depending on the time (although I would go with lunch, it's a necessity and an ultra subtle way to spend time with him outside of class). That should get the ball rolling. Discuss your interests and what you have in common, maybe mention some event that's coming up that's related and ask if he wants to go. You could try asking him if he wants to work on an assignment with you after class or something too, if you both have the same assignment due try asking him if he wants to go to the uni library with you to get some books for it. Also, if you don't text each other, try texting him something like "saved you a seat =D 4th row from the back" or whatever to open up a new means of communicating, he'll get the idea that texting you would work and be a good way to talk so then you can talk more outside of class. Try sending him casual texts like "phew! just got my assignment in! what about you?", these relate to the course so it's not like you're being clingy or ultra keen, but you're opening up the paths of communication.

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