I need help, I'm so new at this, is he gonna think I'm not interested in him or something?

I know this whole thing is gonna sound dumb, but I'm new at this (22 and zero dating experience) and it's stressing me out!
So I went on a date with this guy a few days ago. It went really well, we talked for two hours straight and then we've been exchanging paragraph-long texts since then. We're going to get dinner tomorrow, but he wants to pick me up from my house. I'm just not sure if I'm okay with that. First off, the place we're going for dinner is halfway between the both of us, so it doesn't make sense for him to come to me, and then back track, and then have to come back to my house to drop me off. Second of all, he's 25 and lives on his own, and I'm still living at home with my fam, which he knows but I'm just nervous about him seeing my house, and possibly meeting my family. I guess in part because it makes this all real. And third of all, the whole picking someone up before a date seems so awkward. At the same time though, it gets rid of the awkward "one person is there first and left waiting for the other person to get there" thing.
I dunno, I'm nervous, and confused, and I don't know what to think or do, and I don't want to mess this up. Like, would he find it weird or be offended if I just say I can meet him there?


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  • It is normal and a little gallant for a man to pick you up at home. He should also return you safely at a decent hour. This is how it used to be, is a little romantic and if he is put off by where you live then what kind of guy is he?
    Relax and let the guy be your gentleman.


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  • He is just a gentleman and a little old school like me, I say relax and let him be... lol


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