I come on strong on women and it works but I hear girls say it is turn off?

first, I don't try to sleep with the woman by coming off strong. when I really like a woman I go out of my way for her. I come of strong and it always works. it creates this passion between us.

I just don't understand why women say it is a turn off when a guy does? are women trying to see if a guy really says what he means or full of shit?


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  • Honestly, I do find it weird when a guy comes on too strong when I don't really know him. It's overpowering and confusing and I can actually feel intimidated by them coming on too strong. It's just odd. However, once I know the guy, I do like him showing me that he cares and that he goes out of his way, but I don't particularly want that right from the get-go. As I said, it's slightly intimidating and it can make you wonder just how many people he does that for.

    • good point, because i feel girls want to know if the guy is for real at what he says or is a player.

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  • well depends on the age group somewhat I think, and ima assume you're aiming for girls around your own age bracket so it would make sense why you have success when others say it is a turn off.

    • it worked all the time from 18 to 30, as i grew up.

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    • lol thanks my man. trust me it works. if girls say it is a turn off it is because they don't like the guy. think about it if george clooney went out of his way for a woman, would she call him desperate? no! because he has high value, if you value yourself highly, you can never look desperate.

    • hahaa nice way to put it:D

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