What would you next boyfriend look like and black ladies do like white men or no or asia?

what would next boyfriend look like and ladies girl do like white men or no?

just asking because I hear a lot of "no whity" lol
but mix girls natural most of the time.


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  • my next boyfriend would be taller than me... or not. that doesn't matter much but i would like it. and good teeth. but then again those are just bonuses.

    ideally he would be ambitious and educated or at least aspiring to be educated. he would be an honest and genuine person. sweet and allow me to be a woman. and just make me happy. as happy as im willing to make him. playful and talkative... and funny. he would have respect for me, himself and others. considerate of others' feelings.

    lol. i literally poured my heart out. im a black girl by the way and i find white men very attractive. so he would be white too...


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  • Looks aren't always the important subject when it comes to a relationship for me. Usually a great sense of humor, a fun personality, and ambition are a must for me. Good looks are just an added bonus!


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