What is his deal?

Ive known this guy for over a year now, and we used to work next to each other well I had a huge crush on him and all that sh*t we went on a date and stuff didn't work out between us. (this was last summer) well at the end of may this year we started talking again, and we kinda became kinda make out buddy's Id go over to his house, or Id spend the night. We talked about sex and planned it and stuff. well twice in one week he canceled on me. the first time saying his grandpa came home so we weren't able to get together. and the second time he said that he left his phone at his friends house and that's why he never texted or called me back. well now he's been like we should hangout and he never makes the time for it. like we've gotten in 3 arguments over it and I've told him that I don't appreciate being treated like that. and he still talks to me and apologized and says I'm sorry ill start trying to make time but it never happens and says how he's such a jackass. and I realize that people are busy but seriously we talk everyday but haven't hung out in over a month. I've gone and visited him at work. and he acts all chill, and then later that night he will text me and stuff. but still he can't make time for me. he even told me once that he liked me and wanted to take it slow, in the beginning it was like a friends with benefits thing that we never had sex but planned and still have planned but yet nothings happened and he's said that he likes me and all that sh*t... and he says that he hasn't been blowing me off on purpose. I just am very confused.

ok and I forgot to add that he tells me all of his secrets and things that he says he's never told anyone before and these things...well I'm pretty sure he hasn't...
and when I would stay the night at his house he would be so like...romantic I guess and the way he kissed me was too. and he would like watch me when I slept and he told me that he loved cuddling with me...I just wonder if he's talking out of his ass.


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  • I think that you should move on.


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