Do you think she'd be upset to find out I broke up with gf just before I meet her?

so I meet this new girl not long after I broke up with ex gf , I never really mentioned ex when we first meet. but it sort of came out during conversation I was having at bar with other people and she might of over heard.

I'm just sort of wondering , does it make her just look like a rebound option as I was upset over ex? but were not dating yet just getting to know each other


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  • I'm not sure I understand the problem... any girl that is not a stage one psycho is going to be understanding of the fact that you have a past. It is all about the communication. If you really like this girl, be upfront with her, tell her you thought she might have overheard a conversation about your ex and ask her if she has any questions or concerns. She may shrug her shoulders and say who cares, she may want to ask you a bunch of questions to reassure herself that she isn't, like you stated, a rebound. It's all about being open and communicating.


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  • Dude, when possible, refrain from commenting on your ex, which is generally interpreted as a sign that you are yet to be over her, while you attempt to date this new woman.

    I mean, do you not know that venting and talking about an ex are tell-tale signs that one is not over their breakup? Let it go, man. Let it go.

    • well I wasn't talking to her directly about this , to some other people

    • I know, I know, I read that part. I'm saying stop talking about your ex period. If it gets back to the girl you want to date, and believe you me, the walls can and do talk, she may, from that point on, stop taking you seriously.

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