I don't feel anything with the girl i'm dating, help?

she's not officially my girlfriend but we've gone on a lot of dates, whenever we hang out, it's fun and all but i don't feel anything as far as that special feeling you have when you're with your crush, sure we've kissed but there's just no spark, are these signs that we should stop seeing each other as romantic interests and just stay as friends?


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  • yes, sparks die down over time so imagine how bad it is that theyre not even there initially. you will become miserable at some point

    • yeah, you're right, i don't want to force it and end up dreading to hang out with her

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  • yep... be real with her. You have to feel that special intimate connection and if you dont view her that way then dont waste either of each others time. Dont settle.

    • Yeah you're right, the last thing i want to do is make her believe that there's something when there really isn't anything at all

  • You should just be friends. Explain how you don't want to lead her on and hurt her and that being friends is best. Otherwise she will fall for you and it'll be even harder to walk away and you won't be able to be friends after that happens.


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  • End it. Just tell her how you feel and that it's time both you see other people.

    • I just don't want to hurt her

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    • yeah you're completely right, thank you for the advice

    • You're welcome! :)