Girls I'm not interested in are into me but the girls I am interested in seem harder to get or perhaps not interested?

The question pretty much says it. I mean i know I'm not the best looking guy there is but i think i am moderately attractive. I dress well, always have good hygiene, and always fix my hair up. You can say I'm a bit of a metrosexual guy. Hell, it's only been the first week of school and this Mexican girl have already showed interest in me! I'm not that into her though, unfortunately..

But yeah the girls I'm interested in would sometimes give me attention but not as much as the girls who I'm not as interested in.. Is it because they know they look good? They seem to have a "i don't care about things" look or something..


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  • I think above average girls are used to being approached rather than approaching guys themselves. So that could be it, and it's not necessarily bad it's just what they learnt to do.


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