How to get a guy's attention?

There's this guy... and I guess I like him. He walks the same way I walk after school, he skates and stuff and he has the same PE period as me. I'd like to get to know him, but I'm not the type of person to randomly go up to someone and say something. He's older than me by like a year or so. His friend was gonna talk to me last week but then I was on the phone and wasn't able to talk to him. I also feel like I'll end up getting friend zoned or something. So my question is, how do I approach him without scaring him off and without myself feeling like I'm gonna trip on my face and look stupid?

I'm also not unattractive I guess. I mean I get compliments often but idk. <---- irrelevant.


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  • Gurl, concentrate on school. I promise you that whatever time you spend on boys right now will not result in anything important or worthwhile or worth your thought process.

    BUT if you must, try to interact with him during PE if possible. If you're not the type of person to randomly go up to someone and say something, then learn how because that is literally all you have to do. And if you need perspective, think about how in 5 years time, one simple question and interaction asking how's it going, or something about skating, or if he likes the class, or something he's wearing, or literally anything going on in the world or in school, one simple question and one conversation is NOT going to hurt you in any way, especially in the long-run of life. It's all about perspective. No fears!


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  • You 'guess', you like him? Lol :P

    Maybe accident bump into him and say sorry or something.

    • I do like him lol. I guess that would work.

    • Lol that's more like it :P

      You can try asking mutual friends to help you out as well.

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  • Maybe in p. e class like say your playing basketball be all like oh your good could you teach me or how do you do that.