How do you go about actually meeting new people?

I'm in college, but It's a very structured program so most of my classes are with the same group of 20 some people. Aside from work I don't interact with anyone else on a regular basis. I've always been more reserved and I'm terrible at differentiating between flirting and normal conversation. So my question is how do you meet people and find dates outside of work and school?


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  • I'm a social butterfly. I pretty much talk to anyone and everyone when the chance arises. The more you talk the more attention you'll attractive ^^ so talk at the store, the club, to different groups at school or work. Go on campus walks at noon. You see a girl that reading asker about the book. Simply practice your people skills for now.


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  • Where there is alcohol, there is confidence and women haha. Not really sure where else there is, meeting people through friends/parties would seem ideal.

    • The program I'm in has a strict code of conduct. Parties and alcohol are a no go for me.

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    • Criminal justice program. The dean and instructors have very conservative policies.

    • I don't know library, cafeteria maybe. Just through friends or something that cuts out the main way.