What should I do now that this has happened to me?

Well there's this guy I really like (let's call him bob) and a girl that I thought was my friend (let's call her cowface). Well at the beginning of the year bob liked cow face a lot but she didn't like him back and bob is my best guy friend so it was hard and all and I can't tell him I like him because he already said that we r better as friends so anyway we recently got dared to ask him out he said no to me and yes to cow face and at first she didn't want to go out with him but now they really like each other and it breaks my heart when they send kissy faces and hearts to each other on group and cow face knows how much I like him and it feels like she did it deliberately to hurt me but anyway I can't tell him now because he's soooooooooo happy and he's always smiling about it and it breaks my heart that the guy I'm I love with isn't in love with me back and he loves the worst girl in the world what should I do to Chanel my anger and my upset ness.


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  • Here is a lesson that life is getting ready to teach you. Stop being friends with guys you "like". You will never get the guy by not confessing your feelings to him and hoping for the best.

    You can't help that Bob liked Cowface more. It's life. Not every guy you like will like you. You won't like every guy who likes you.

    Understand that it wasn't meant to be. It's nothing personal against you. Move on from the hurt and try again.


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