Should I move one? I need help!!?

Me and a boy fell in love with each other quickly but I realised there was a girls as he called 'one of my best friends', she was trying to ruin it saying things to him about me that she has made up all the time and when ever they were together she would always try play fighting with him and hugging him more when I was in eyes view of it! When ever me and him were together he would always say let's see her just to piss me off but it got to the point where it was causing all our arguments because I was getting told not to trust him etc by my friends. And then we decided to go superstar ways because we couldn't fully trust each other but lately we've had the occasional chats but when ever we see each other we just stare at each other for the whole time but my best friend dates his best friend and they think we should get back together, what should I do?


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  • Know how I know you have autocorrect? I think it's always the best course of action to not get involved with people who make it 'difficult' for you to be with them.


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