Is there ever a good/perfect time to ask to be exclusive? or is it just one of those talks?

Been seeing a gal for awhile, and i'm not sure if i should be aggressive and ask to be exclusive. Usually i play it cool and let the girl ask first, but there's something about her that just drives me crazy.

We have a lot of fun together, talk about w/e, hangout, have fun and such. Its just a question i've been contemplating for about a week now. We cooked up a great dinner and hung out and watched a movie, then she gets home sends me a sexy lingerie snapchat saying "goodnight". as a logical person, i usually only say good morning/night to the person i'm seeing. I kind of figure she's not seeing anybody else as well, especially if she's sending a snapchats like that.

But there's this lingering feeling telling me to "hold off". Were both always busy with work, she'll ask to hangout but i work till a certain time, then i ask and she's tired from 12 hour shifts and goes to bed early. Usually by now a girl wants me to come hangout a bunch, party together more, and stay at her place and snuggle, not go to bed alone.

What should i do... ask or slow play?


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  • I myself have always asked quite casually when I feel it's time to move into exclusivity. Like asking what the weekend plans are for the person, to which they will generally ask mine. I say something like a guy asked me out and then ask the guy if he is dating other people. From the reaction you can tell what they are wanting and move the conversation that way.

    • oh really? that's a shock factor for sure. From the way she talks it seems like she's not seeing anyone else, but you never know till you ask. Whats your thought on the sexy snap chat in her lingerie saying good night, she wouldn't send that to anyone else i hope. that would be awkward. weve already had cuddle sex and sorts, but it seems like i'm spending less time at her place lately. that's what makes me wonder.

      she always says everything i do sweet and sentimental

    • I prefer a shock factor. It catches people off guard and you see the real reaction not the one that could be preplanned.

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  • I agree with islands7 I think it'll work. And is also sweet at the same time.


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  • At one of your tets-a-tets you simply look into her eyes and share a secret - you no longer want to be with another gal, that you're through shopping around and wonder how she feels about this.