Would you ever date someone who had a terminal disease or physical ailments? How would you handle it?

I'd like to think that I could date someone like this but I'd always worry about them. My boyfriend has some physical problems and it worries me. Should I stay


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  • Great question. On one hand, if I knew our future together would seriously be in jeopardy, I would not get involved and have my heart broken by losing the love of my life, or have my children grow up with out a mom when I already knew the chances were not good. On the other hand, I could not ignore the connection or feelings we had together. I would feel that she has every right to enjoy life to the fullest and I would be grateful for being the one she shared that with while she could!


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  • When it is real love, it overlooks all and that is genuine.

    • Oh that is so touching.

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    • Awww I want that kind of a relationship

    • From your mouth to God's ears.

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  • Prior to the dating, I wouldn't but if i am already in the relationship i would stick by him.
    good question, I am thinking about this earlier too