What is this girls deal?

I'm married and so is this cute co worker of mine. When I first started this girl would stare at me in meetings and flip her hair around like crazy until I looked. She would also frequent areas I'd be and I would run into her all the time. She always looked at me with this deer in the headlights look. Whether it was standing next to me at a company outing or coming back to my office asking a random question and just lingering she was always around. One day I stopped her in the hall to chat alone and her face went flush and she could barely talk she was so nervous. From there we started meeting in the hall way or break room every morning and we'd walk and talk. She'd do this for many days in a row then dissappear on me then come back and repeat. I thought this strange so id occasionally ignore her and switch it up. This would make her come looking for me again. I also noticed she would flirt with a buddy of mine, sometimes like right in front of me, sometimes she'd watch me while she did it. She's not really a flirt so I didn't get it. At this point I decided to ignore her hard for almost 2 months. I know she was not happy with me. If go up to her desk occasionally and say hi, she's give me this cold shoulder barely turn around stuff and act short. Like I did her. I felt something may happen and that's same buddy tells me one day that she has been following him out to parking lot all the time and walks and talks with him like she and I used to. What's her deal?


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  • She like's you and is trying to get a reaction out of you by flirting with your friend and ignoring you, she is trying to make you jealous and play hard to get. but also you're married so why do you care? is there no such thing as loyalty now a days. you both need to be adults about this and not adulterers and stop playing with eachother and get back to being faithful to your spouses.

    • Her going off with my friend and walking talking (didn't know about till my buddy told me about it, he even said it was kind of creeping him out) was her trying to get a reaction out of me?

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    • Yes she was. She is pretty shy so it was always very subtle but t was like cutesy real big smiling. Like at lunch one day he sat next to me her across from me when she sat down she flips her hair over her head real sexy and smiling real big at him like blatantly in front of me. Another time she was working right next to me and she's flipping her hair around and smiling real big at him across the way. Another time her and I are walking down the hall together talking as we normally do. When we get to the glass door he's on the other side and she smiles real big at him. She neve did the smile real big thing with me, it was always a deer in the headlights look and nervous blushing with me lol. Oh and a other time him and I are talking a few feet away in the and she walks up to him and jokes and smiles real big, but she like was watching me the while time she did it's the. I turned to walk away pissed and she runs to catch up with me. What is all of this?

    • yeah 2 options she actually liked you but moved onto your friend and she really likes him now, or she's trying to make you jealous! but I don't know her so I can't see the way she acts so im just judging by what you're saying

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  • She probably liked you but moved on. Maybe you didn't make a move fast enough for her. (Which is good, because you're both married and have partners that you're supposed to be committed to).

    • It's really weird my buddy said it was creeping him out. I started talking to her again righty after and she backed off him. Now it's super weird between her and I. She'll still pop up occasionally like to feel things out I guess

    • Why the switched to my buddy?

    • I honestly don't know. But maybe its more about her wanting male attention at work, a lot of girls just look for attention wherever they can get it.

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  • Why on Earth is this question asked a bit differently every other week?

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