Is this normal?

My boyfriend is still good friends with his ex's and I am ok with that. But he has gone over to one of the girls houses just to spend time as friends with her. I am really uncomfortable with this and I am just wondering if it is normal. I trust him 100% but I just don't like the idea of him hanging out with his ex alone at her house. Please give me you thoughts!


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  • it's okay to feel uncomfortable regarding something like this. you should tell your boyfriend that you don't feel a tad bit comfortable with him going over to his ex's house to 'spend time as friends with her' alone in a house. as much as you trust him 100%, there is seriously in all seriousness NO knowing what might happen. after all they used to share a romantic relationship together. for all they know they've been hanging out so much together that their spark gets re-ignited and then things start happening...

  • I'm sorry but that is a little weird.

    I think he may be taking advantage of your trust

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