Is my Date Intersted with me?

I met this guy in the dating site and his cute when he viewd my profile first and I also viewed his. And his the type a guy I wan and his just been a PR in country a few months back? We met each other in the same day and willing to meet each in person in the evening, so it's a date.

He treat me drinks and watch movie in cinema. We chat awhile get to kw each other in the theater talking what we do and stuff?( And actually we both have no idea what we gonna talk haha! ) When the movie starts the lights are off and it's dark my date he took my jacket a cover over me and himself. Then his head lay down on my shoulder and his hand touch my breast under the jacket and he kissing me many times doing freach kiss. After movie finish he followed me and acompany me home half away, then he want to spend time awhile with me and find silent place that nobody ard then he kiss me agian and hug me. ( forgotten to say this we walk home I hold his hand and I felt that his not holding my hand. Why? He like this)

And he told me Wednesday he plan to meet up with me agian and date me agian. And today Wednesday, he can't make it cause his work was too busy his working as a IT engineering and he text me when his free time for the next date and mention he will let me know.

Somtimes he text me a short message like 1 word or 3words, He also mention to me in the first date his very lonely and he wanted to get a girl is good for him and maybe like 2years time he wan to settle down. So do think this guy interested with me. 27yrs old Female and 29yrs old male


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  • You met him, first movie date-kissing-walk-holding his hand - Plans for another date.. He seems to me in real hurry. .


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