Is there a link between deception and seduction, how men try to get girls in the sack "fast" without lying, why do guys think sex with ugly girls bad?

Its my opinion that yes, flat out "lying" is bad but deception can still be used to agree.

The concept of "Boyfriend" Potential vs. "Boyfriend" Material.

(Short Term) Boyfriend "Potential": Typical "bad boy" with swag who girls will have sex with but, lol they won't show him to their parents. Nice to girl, act like you want to be her boyfriend but try and initiate sex as soon as possible w/out seeming too superficial. This is were deception comes into play because you don't tell girl you just want sex but you aren't asking for a relationship either, so you technically aren't "lying".

(Husband) Boyfriend "Material": Clean-cut guy, you can show to a girl's parents, who probably isn't getting laid unless he is in a relationship. Always chasing girls. I understand this approach if you actually want a relationship with the girl in some ways but

As a guy who wants to get laid on a consistent basis, which I think most are then its better to be boyfriend "potential" not a "bad boy" not necessarily a bad person. Its also good to hit on girls your attracted to but also ones you aren't very attracted to and, you can flirt more easily with them and become less emotionally attached.
Guys your dick isn't going to fall off for sleeping with a girl you find slightly unattractive, as long as its just sex not a relationship, then why be so picky? In the words of the hodgetwins at the end of the day, "You're still bustin all kindz of nutz in those sweet sugarwalls!!"

*There should be an "is" between *girls and *bad.
Guys who've had sex with girls you weren't particularly attracted, was it that bad of an experience that you wouldn't do it again?


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  • I don't know if this counts, but I wouldn't do it again.

    I'm not attracted to girls at all, and I slept with a girl I knew had a thing for me to get back at an ex boyfriend. It was really weird and I didn't like the feeling at all.

    • Lol... I guess that counts, but did you get an orgasm?

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    • LOL... How about having a one nighter that you enjoy and not to make someone jealous!!

    • I won't do things like that if I am attempting to pursue a relationship with someone and for a while I was interested in a friend of mine. Now I'm in a relationship and I'm not a cheater. An asshole, maybe.

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