MONSTER TRUCK MAN , Average Physique Shaping Guy or Joe BlowWho's more physically attractive?

As someone who has been working out for a year now I'm curious.. I'm curious about how far would I like to go. In a gym there's usually 3 types of guys.

The TRIPLE STRENGTH celltech chugging , 400lb dumbbell benching , batman back breaking , right out a tub protein drinking MONSTER TRUCK of a man that would make Arnold say "Please sir , may I have some more?"

The average physique conscious guy who's neck is not as thick , shoulders not as broad , arms not looking like tree trucks and thighs not looking like they were ripped off a gorilla.

Then there's Joe Blow from Chartered Accountancy. Who's just all around average guy trying to get the hotdog he ate for dinner off his stomach.

So basically.

A: Your classic bodybuilder type
s9. postimg. org/3pwktwr5p/Bodybuilder. jpg

B: Your average Physique Shaping Guy
s18. postimg. org/vjnapw1t3/asd. jpg

C: Joe Blow or Mike Rowe
s21. postimg. org/ffrdzm0g5/mike_rowe17. jpg

  • Classic bodybuilder
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  • Physique guy
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  • Joe Blow or Mike Rowe
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  • B or C. A is probably taking the roids so I'm not sure I like it.


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  • Would bang all... no homo.