Can people even suppress their feelings?

I don't think I could :P
My friend fell for another friend of mine , she tries to push away her feelings as she thinks he ain't her type and I always tell her it won't be longer till you can't hold it any longer :P

How long have you suppressed your feelings if you have?


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  • I had suppressed my like and fondness for a girl for nearly three years until recently when I got drunk and let those feelings slip out. Oh how I hate alcohol for doing this. :(

    • Wow that's loong !
      I can't imagine going past 2 months
      Ohh damn yess our dear friend alcohol :/

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    • I doubt she is interested.

    • But TY for your kind words.

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  • Yeah possible but not healthy accdg to my experiences. You can suppressed your feelings but you need to vent it.

    • Yeah agree , its bad to bottle it all up for long

    • Be true and Be bold and speak your mind.

    • I speak my mind :P
      Its a friend who thinks she can hold it in ~

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  • Yes, all the time

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