Now that i've got her, how do I keep her?

So, in sort of a response i guess to my previous question in which i asked about Flirting, i've been flirting with a girl for some time now. I really enjoy spending time with her and talking to her, but it just seems as she's not so 'In to it' anymore. When i first started flirting with her we hit it off very well (Do bear in mind i'm 15), we were downtown with a few friends of mine and hers and she and I walked together, me with my arm around her holding her hand, and then after a while we stopped and i lifted her up a little and kissed her. I want to try to keep that 'Spark' going, any ideas on how to do that?


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  • Find new interests, new activities, and new hobbies to help her stay intrigued. If the dialogue between her and yourself is often brand new and interesting, then you should be fine.


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  • Are you really only 15? That is so cute! Lol little lady's man! I think your doing just fine already!

    • Yes, only 15. I do appreciate the compliments, and i'd agree a bit that i'm doing fine. But i'm looking for ways to.. Well, i'm not quite sure but i guess i'd say more ways to engage and keep a conversation going, not only relationship wise but in general too. I'd like to improve my people skills :)


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