Is he Interested Or Being Friendly?

A few months back we had a burglary so two cops came to get details and investigate. Then recently one of the cops from the original report came to tell me the case was now closed, except she wasn't with her usual junior cop partner but instead was accompanied by some higher up officer which i thought was strange as they dont do home visits especially for closing cases.

This senior cop was flirting with me while his partner was talking to me, hed interrupt to get my attention and agree with stuff id say, even when his partner didn't agree and was saying different. She realised how into me he was too and i was a little suprised by his protective attitude and support for me.

As they left he touched my hand gently when getting the keys but in a way id notice the touch and he left happy, Is he interested in me or just being a guy? I didi wonder if he'd turn up again to ask me out, its been almost two months but he hasnt, was he just being nice or would he worry about how id react to him if he just turned up at my door? He works locally and i remeber him now from an old town i used to work at before, i wonder if he saw my name on the report and came along because he recognised me from way back maybe? Confusing.


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  • It could very well be... Stranger things have happened...
    However, curiosity will kill the cat, so there is Only one way to skin one: Find out somehow what time he is Off Duty, and then find out if he Might like to-----Go for a cup of coffee.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He's a cop, doing his job. If he does show up, ask him to go to dunkin donuts

    • I'm sorry, i thought it was Fuckin Gonuts

      To the young lady, forget this cop. Even if he knew you from before he could have simply called to say he saw your name and to ask if everyone was helpful. There isn't enough info to speak ill of this man, but there is enough ambiguity to say move along and exist as you would once any professional relationship was ended.

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