How often have you felt that you were never good enough for a woman or a man whom you fell in love with because she/he?

has achieved more than you in life or is an overachiever? As a guy, there was one girl in the past that I've fell in love with but felt that I'd never be good enough for her. She had it all that I loved about her, beautiful looks, beautiful body shape, intelligence, soft-heart (kindness), 2 part-time jobs (one for the weekend, and one for the week), had an athletic background from High School and just simply had the charm.

Me on the other hand, am just a guy with an above average education level, who comes from a poor background, has a small work experience, little athletic background (I've only played one sport in school) and am just simply just a shy and soft-spoken guy. I've obviously talked to her and we became friends, I just never felt ready to express my true feelings toward her because I have the feeling that she'll probably just look at me as a "dumb boy who's trying to get into her pants"(even though she's actually a sweetheart and never a cruel person).


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  • TRY your luck with her. Girls don't always date guys who look or act exactly like them. In my opinion playing one sport in high school is enough. Most people don't even do that.

  • I have never been in love myself...
    Let me ask you a question do you see this girl as a role model , do you admire her or you deeply love her?
    It doesn't look like love to me

    • I feel that since most women expect an independent, financially set man who makes more income, then I figured she may not like me. I'm not looking at her as a role model nor someone I should compete with but some I'd love while the other would like me for who I am and empathize my life.

    • You look a very decent guy :)
      Go for it , what have you got to loose?
      you will never know without even trying.
      And dont forget that exept the independent , financially set man we are also looking for someone that deeply loves us.
      Its rare to find these days.

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