I'm drawing a thank you present for my boyfriend, is this a good picture of Spider-Man to use?

Well, my boyfriend loves Spider-Man, so at first I was drawing an apology present, but screw that. I'm not going to start giving gifts every time I have to apologize. Instead I'm giving him a thank you present for really stepping up and being there for me. Besides, I already apologize a while ago!


Is this a good picture to use? I'm not really familiar with Spider-Man. :/ I'm afraid I have to copy it, because my imagination is bleh. I'm drawing it is poster size 2'x3" like on a canvas.


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  • Yes, that's a good picture, just add a few rips on the costume, they don't have to be big, have at least 1 small one in the shoulder, and at least 3 more on the chest

  • For sure!!


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