Does he really like me? Or is he just sticking around?

I've had the biggest crush on this guy that I go to church with for about a year now.(since last year) We've both grown to mutually like each other over the past year, and became really great friends. It wasn't until this year when we started to actually start "talking". This was also the year when I first hung out with him outside of church. I've been over his house 3 times. All three times we've been really physical/foreplay. Except we NEVER had sex, because I told him that I didn't want it outside of a relationship. FIRST INCIDENT: It was the second time I went over his house... and it was time for him to take me home. In the middle of kissing... I asked him "why arnt you mine?". He never responded, just kept kissing me, then told me that we had to go. Later that night, after he dropped me home.. he texted me saying,"to answer your question.. Im not fit for a relationship. I need to work on myself. I get tempted by girls, but I would NEVER cheat." My first thought was, he's saying all this because he might want me to back off, or he doesn't want a relationship with me. But me being so stupid ignored that, and looked for other excuses... SECOND INCIDENT: there was a time when I started to gain feelings for another guy. (That's totally a different story) but I decided to let my crush know that it was better if we stayed friends. He was all butthurt, and asked me why. I told him I liked another guy, and he said "No. You can't like another guy. I like you a lot. You are mine forever. I can't let you go..." and I continued the "talking" stage with my crush.
THIRD INCIDENT: we've had our parents involved in a lot of stuff. I decided to tell my mom that I liked my crush. And since we all went to the same church, my mom had his mom's number (without or knowledge). My mom likes to be "comfortable" with whoever I surround myself with. So she normally expects for me to bring my friends over the house. I'd always invite my crush over my house, and he'd always make excuses

part two is in my profile..


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