Best female friend. Am I toyed or is she into me?

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Background about me and her:
We've know each other for 3 years, but the last year we've become really close and basically best friends. We talk about everything, boys, girls etc. and this year we started cuddling a lot, and this summer we've seen each other a lot more. She's starting to kiss me everywhere but the mouth and get physical. When I started to learn her to know, she was nowhere near that stage, very shy conservative girl, who wouldn't even hold hands unless if they were in a relationship. I'm the only friend she cuddles with. She knows my friend with benefit whom I've had this relationship with for a year now.
Lately she's been throwing herself over me when she can, whether it be hug, kiss on before mentioned or just cuddling which is nice. We saw 3 movies the other day, and when we finished, she was complaining about her back, so I gave her massage. After that, I teased her (like I do to every female friends I know, and she knows it), and said she couldnt score/seduce me. She took up the challenge and started to bite and lick my ear (She knows its my weak spot, since our mutual female friends have had a tendency to do it, just to annoy me, but she has always thought it was disgusting). When she stopped she asked if I was seduced, and I was like:"no but you are welcome to continue" so she did it more intense. In the heat, I grabbed her head and just as she was, in a teasing fashion, complaining with a "hey", I would kiss her and we snugged very passionately, When we stopped, she would say that she never do that with friends, and I would just repeat. Worth noting that even though I took the first step, she would be dominating the kiss.
I told her for fun (which I always do) that I fell for her, and she said while hiding her face "dont", and cuddled into me. When she left she kissed me on the cheek. Today she is seeing her date (not a couple), and she says she wants to dump him but likes him.
Nothing has changed, but is she into me?

Feels like she's avoiding me now? I know she's gonna be busy for the next 2 weeks, but even though we still text each other, the amount of text is reduced, but the amount of words has slightly increased?
Writing to each other seems quite different now imo.
Also she said it's not going to work out with her and her boy.
Yet she's halfly ignoring me, but when she writes its like.. a lot in one text.

Wtb girl behaviour translation -.-'


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  • Definitely into you but to shy and afraid of rejection and of ruining what you had as just friends. Also probably scared of what would happen if you got together and broke up. Your best bet would be to just flat out ask her if she likes you and express that you like her. Then if she reveals that she likes you talk about all of the fears i just talked about. Even if its hard its your best bet before she thinks your not interested in her (if you are).

    • What is your thought about her mentioning the other dude then? If she likes me,.

    • She is trying to get a reaction out of you. See if you would react to it or not.

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  • Yes she does, but something is holding her back from getting romantically involved with you. Being friends for a long period of time, then suddenly becoming intimate might bring forth feelings in her that she wasn't expecting and can't immediately understand. Feeling physical attraction and deep friendship with someone is the recipe for a very deep romance and that would be very intimidating being so young. She probably knows on some level that you both aren't ready for that, being that it's very difficult to experience deep love and not make unneeded/ heart breaking mistakes at a young age. Can you see that?

    • I might have an idea what could hold her back.. or rather I would guess ita because I've never "fallen " for somebody before.. But.. assuming you're right.. why would she even mention the other guy and tell me what they might do?
      Young age.. you are a sweetheart.. :*

    • because she is trying to get a reaction. if you react then you have "fallen" for her in some way

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