Is it always a bad sign if an ex almost always only calls late at night?

he's called like 4 times and texted once, but only once was it during the day and the rest have been at night. we have not talked for 8 months, as in I have not answered any of this and things ended very badly.

a booty call after 8 months?
so guys who call at night are only ever looking for one thing huh?


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  • yes if he ain't working or having a busy work schedule then its a 8 month booty calls

    • why would he keep trying so hard for a booty call?

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    • and in his text he just said hey whats up

    • ex usually are out to hurt there exs in a way by making them jealous or in any way some what guilty they are looking for apology and to be noisy of your life due to the fact they still like you or care about you or hopes you will come back to them

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