I think Australian men just don't get me?

I;ve been in australia 10 years, and had just 1 boyfriend. Been on about 3 dates. Men are interested in sex, but won't ask me on a date - I think this is because I'm physically attractive but they don't get me! Meanwhile I have people I went to uni with in UK messaging me about how incredible I am and how they want to date me etc etc. Do you know any Brits that you just don't really get?


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  • I'm Australian and find Brits are the easiest to relate to. I don't think this is a nationality thing, but probably a personality thing.

    • I know some people think I come across as abrasive, and last week at work someone told me how polite I was. So I mentioned how that was not the usually reaction I get and he said "maybe it's because I've lived in Europe for so long I'm used to it". Which is what got me thinking...

  • Don't Australians and Brits have a thing against each other? Lol