Why doesn't my bf come and visit me anymore?

My bf in the beggining would visit me almost every day 4 to 5 times a week, and now he won't even visit me 2 times a week. At first I would get mad & ask him over and over again why he changed, which he would respond by saying it was just work or he didn't have money for gas or his mom took the car. I tried explaning to him how I felt in a nice understanding way to see if he would get the message, and i told him to at least visiit me 2 times a week, once in the week and once on the weekend. He said he would try, but nothing has changed. And I dont tell him anything and he doesn't either.

We have only been dating for 5 months, I thought people changed like that after a year of dating or at least longer. What do I do? He does talk to me during the day but he never comes to see me.


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  • i think you're being too clingy, pushy and unreasonable. why can't you spend your money go to visit him too? 4 to 5 times a week is a heck of a lot to fit in when you have to work and borrow someone elses car stop being so selfish and demanding when he should see you or he will eventually get sick of it and dump you. he needs time to rest after work and time to himself or to see his friends too not everything is about you

    • Read the damn thing well... i said that he use to visit me 4 to 5 times a week but i compromised on him visiitng me 2 times a week and he doesn't even do that.

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    • How am i being selfish if im only askig him to come 2 days and i pay if we go out somewhere -.-

    • because he's told you he's struggling to get the car free for him to come see you and you're saying well nothings changed he's not making enough effort and thinking he's changed after only 5 months as though he's choosing to not bother, if he can't get the car he can't do anything about it. be more understanding and Skype him on webcam instead or something, he obviously likes you still if he texts you every day he just can't make the trip

  • I think thats abit unfair can't you visit him as well?
    And you can't expect him to drop everything just to see you thats not fair you're his girlfriend not his mother you can't control him or you could go visit him instead. I think you guys need to talk about it together and sort something out or its just going to end really badly.

    • I can't go visit him bec i dnt have a car, he does & he understands that. Plus when we go out I usually pay for stuff since i know he spends on gas.

    • maybe he's just going to a tough time? give him some time and talk to him about it. just don't try and force it because he won't listen try and compromise with each other or else its not going to work