Friend rejected me but still... Please help?

Even a week before we had our registration and he kept staring at me, and when my mom saw him he turned the other way around?
School started:
he was standing with a group of friends in a circle kind of far away and we happened to be standing with our backs facing to each other. I turned around casually cause i had that feeling that someone was looking at me and i turned his way and when I saw him he already had a slight smile on his face, he kept his back turned around from his friends and kept eye contact with me. i turned away really quickly haha
what does this all mean?


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  • I don't get it at what point did he reject you?

    • He rejected me before he did all of this

    • Sorry if it wasn't clear, he told me he only liked me as a friend about 7 months ago

    • He might have an interest in you or just wants to see how you act when you see him because he knows you like him. My advice would just be to ask him to hangout get to know him better over time and become friends then let it escalate from there

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