Girls, what's a good second date?

Ok so I had a date with a girl online and told her that I want to go out again. We've been texting for a couple days now since the date. Her schedule is super busy this whole week which she stated already so I haven't rushed anything yet as far as setting up another date. Girls, does this date have to be better than the last or can I keep it simple still? What are some good date ideas?


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  • make it different each time so she doesn't get bored and so you guys don't run out of things to talk about and here's a list of ideas
    -ice skating
    -winery date and picnic
    -dinner on the beach
    -cooking lessons
    -hot air ballon
    -arcade david busters
    -comedy show
    -carnival or fair
    -water park
    -dinner on the beach
    -horse and carriage ride
    -ice cream and walk around the park
    -surfing lessons
    -skating rink
    -museum of art
    -laser tag


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  • live music, walks in the park, canoeing, a restaurant she's been wanting to try out, bungee jumping, zip lining, or any physical activity. or how about a home cooked meal by you. candles.. soft music... fireplace.. think cozy! good luck!

  • Just something she likes and would think is romantic. Maybe even a little cheesy.


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