My boyfriend told me to shut up and took me back to my house. Does he still care about me?

I told him to go get the ice bag and I stayed in the car. He got mad at me that why I didn't get out and buy it then I was talking to him he told me to shut up multiple times , slammed the door. He took me back home and left me which he never did that before. He didn't text me to apologize or ask if I am okkay. He probably thinks this is my Fault and I should be the person apologize first.


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  • wow over that i would ignore him but to be honest stop blaming yourself u did nothing wrong he was probably having a bad day and taking it out on you or be tired of hearing u asking him for stuff but to be honest i think he was having a bad day and something else was bothering him and he took it out on you give him space and let him reply to you when he's calm and ready to he will be back


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